About Us

Our goal and mission is to offer unique value and exceptional experiences to Guests in Hungary seeking relaxation and recreation through our high-quality and continuously evolving hotel portfolio as a new hotel operating company.

We didn't choose the motto "Shared moments, unforgettable experiences" by chance, because we believe that our guests can only feel the proper care at the highest level when they can enjoy uninterrupted and experience-filled relaxation, where they can truly focus on each other.

With our wide range of services, we not only offer the ideal rejuvenation experience for guests of different ages or interests but also provide extensive opportunities for our business partners to support their business activities and relaxation alike.

Thanks to the unique locations of our hotels, we create special venues for conferences, team-building programs, and business meetings. We also pay special attention to business travelers, providing favorable conditions and a comfortable and efficient working environment for them. We offer discounted employee collaborations to our corporate partners to provide attractive opportunities for relaxation and recreation for their employees.

We are very proud that both the industry and the public have recognized Adventor Hotels, as evidenced by the "Outstanding Market Performance Improvement" award won by the Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa at the 2023 Hotel of the Year competition organized by the Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants Association, and the Sirius Hotel winning first place in the 2023 Hotel of the Year competition.

Current hotels in the portfolio

Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa | Bükfürdő

The 207-room 4-star superior Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa, primarily located in the town of Bükfürdő, renowned for its thermal water, is set in an unparalleled green environment where Hungary's first 18-hole championship golf course can also be found. One of the hotel's major milestones was the comprehensive renovation completed at the end of 2022, which saw every corner of the hotel renovated, and its range of services expanded. As a result, alongside its existing services, it can boast an expanded restaurant, entertainment center, separate wellness section, and a new relaxation gallery, all aimed at offering its guests an even higher level of quality and a richer array of services for their rejuvenation experience.

Fagus Hotel Conference & Spa | Sopron

On August 01, 2022, the Fagus Hotel Conference & Spa reopened its doors in the city of Sopron, rich in historical treasures and natural beauty. Located directly along the Austrian border, the hotel welcomes its guests with 144 renovated rooms, a unique spa world within the city, and a newly established two-story sauna world, all thanks to a comprehensive renovation. Guests, who enjoy the comfort of the hotel, also delight in spending time embraced by nature. The hotel's 436m2 conference room, equipped with modern technology, and its flexible conference organizing team ensure the success of professional meetings and conferences.

Hotel Sirius | Keszthely

The Sirius Hotel in Keszthely emerged as a completely new hotel on May 1, 2023, thanks to nearly 3 years of investment in the hotel market. With its unique style and color scheme, it features 128 rooms, including rooms with breathtaking views of Lake Balaton and spacious suites. The 1500m2 spa and sauna world with 7 pools and 10 sauna attractions has been created. Its restaurant overlooking Lake Balaton offers an unparalleled experience, combining culinary delights with the spectacle of sunrise during breakfast. A 113m2 divisible conference room provides a unique venue for smaller events and executive meetings.